Technology’s Role in Data Protection - The Missing Link in GDPR Transformation

Technology’s Role in Data Protection - The Missing Link in GDPR Transformation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) delivers a fundamental change in how data controllers and data processors handle personal data. Instead of being an afterthought within business operations, protections for personal data will now have to be designed into the very fabric of data processing systems, meaning that businesses will need to re-examine how they approach the use of technology in their organisations.

As this whitepaper from PwC explains, technology is both the problem and the solution as far as GDPR compliance is concerned. Authors Stewart Room, Peter Almond and Kayleigh Clark argue that today’s technology solutions have not been designed or deployed from the perspective of data protection, and this means that GDPR compliance could be a long and complex journey.

Yet, at the same time, the authors say that technology could also be the solution to this problem, with more modern, advanced technologies potentially able to help companies in deleting, erasing and de-duplicating personal data – a critical component under GDPR.

This whitepaper considers how businesses must transition to GDPR compliance through technology, involve the relevant stakeholders and advisers at the appropriate stages, and design and mobilise their GDPR transformation programme for business change.

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